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Sunday, August 7, 2022
Senator Pat Toomey leads Republicans in ending Vet bill

Senator Pat Toomey leads Republicans in ending Vet bill

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Fri, Jul 29, 22, 19:56, 1 Week ago
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Republicans led by Pat Toomey and Ted .Cruz block a bill that would provide help to our sick veterans

Just a few weeks ago these same Republicans spouted that they supported the same bill they blocked today. The bill is designed to provide aid to our veterans that suffer from burn barrel exposure and other toxic chemicals that were used in past wars.

Senator Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania along with many other Republicans sent our veterans to sing in the wind and suffer while they die of cancers caused by their exposure.

Veterans must stand up and vote these guys out of office as soon as possible 

Their cruelty cannot be ignored any longer.

HUGE!! 8-2-22 Republicans decided it would be better to pass the PACT ACT even without Toomey. Guess the heat got too hot for them.



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