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Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Opioid abuse and Walgreens reaction

Opioid abuse and Walgreens reaction

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Tue, Jun 21, 22, 16:26, 1 Week ago
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We have a problem! but the Walgreen's solution makes no sense

Everyone knows that we have a massive amount of overdoses due to opioid abuse but as long as they do not separate the opioid that is causing the problem we will find it hard to correct.

Walgreens policy is to not fill a prescription for any pain medication utill the last dose of the old prescription is used up. Usually, the day after even if your doctor wrote a new subscription refill request days earlier.

They say this is so you won't have enough pills to overdose on them.

SEEMS STUPID as once you get your refill, usually a whole month's supply, you have enough to overdose on the pills.

Maybe Walgreens should reconsider and do the refill on the last day of the old prescription so one does not have to take time off work the next day to get a prescription from them. This would also help with withdrawal symptoms that occur when one runs out of the opioid prescription.

Watch John Oliver explain it. 



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